Taste drives the experience here at Parla. With a strong attention to detail and emphasis on local ingredients,  you are sure to find a dish that you will fall in love with.

Something for everyone- we are happy to provide our guests with vegetarian,  vegan,  or celiac friendly options upon request.

There's also Great Gatsby Brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm with old-timey music peppering the soundtrack.  Flapper attire optional...

Cheers, old sport! 



Paying homage to American classics, the cocktail program at Parla provides a refreshing and unique update on traditional cocktails, while keeping a few of the classics handy (you know, 
for the purists out there).

The award-winning craft beer selection features thoughtfully selected offerings from local breweries such as Jack's Abby, Stony Creek, Maine Brewing Company, and Bantam,  to name a few.

BE Social.

You won't see any white table cloths in here. We prefer all of our guests to feel comfortable and enjoy dining out on their own terms.

With a strong emphasis on small plates we encourage all of our guests to dine and share as they explore the menu. Part of the experience is trying something new. 

At ‌Parla‌, we believe a great evening always starts with great company. If you’re new in town and looking to meet new people in ‌Boston‌, try out We3.