Cocktails offered may differ from those listed or pictured... talk to us, we'll find you something that suits you.  


Dungeon Master

($14 / roll) 


Twenty original cocktails not featured on any of our cocktail lists.

Cocktails are numbered 1 through 20

#13 - #20 may be spicy, salty, bitter, vegetal, or contain egg.

 Choose your level of adventure......  

roll the die in a julep cup.......

the imbibe of your destiny awaits!!!

__rules (gotta have some)__

(no givebacks / no peaking)

((If you roll a cocktail you personally rolled before, you may roll again))

(((If you personally have rolled a cocktail, you may order it any time thereafter without having to roll for it)))

((((If you personally complete all 20 and we will craft you a new cocktail based on what you most enjoyed from your quest... You name it, we write it down for you, and it's on us...  and we'll put your picture up on here (but only if you want that legendary status, of course)))))